My Studio in

West Arlington

A "lost" Norman Rockwell has been "found"

and  authenticated using this patented process:

In 1943 Norman Rockwell's Studio burned and many of his treasured possessions were lost. This life-changing event was captured in both an illustration and a painting. After several attempts of failing to authenticate this historically-important piece, Mr. Stupack began his investigation into the life and times of Norman Rockwell. 


He discovered that Mr. Rockwell developed a technique to conceal his initials in every painting created after 1942.  The artist did this to prevent outright forgery or false attribution of his works.  Mr. Stupack was able to forensically determine how it was accomplished and how to  reveal the initials.

Mr. Rockwell's 1943 painting,

"My Studio in West Arlington"

Mr. Rockwell's illustration, My Studio Burns Down.  Note how the burned studio in the illustration fits directly over the image of the burned studio in the painting.

My Studio in West Arlington after processing

The initials are between the branches of the tree on the left side of the painting

There is one more important step in the process. The image must be converted into Mr. Rockwell's version of a three-dimensional image.  This is accomplished with a combination of color invert, value invert and color balance. 

The results are unique!