The 1950's

The "Real" Breaking Home Ties - 1954

The "Imposter" Breaking Home Ties

There have been two widely publicized cases where forgeries have been sold as original Norman Rockwell paintings and Breaking Home Ties is one of them.  When both are subjected to the patented process, differences between the authentic and forged painting are obvious...but, what counts is that the forgery does not have the initials NR!

Authentic after Adobe process

Imposter after Adobe process

Authentic after Irfanview process

Authentic Posterized Level 3 with NR circled

Authentic Posterized Level 2 with NR circled

Imposter after Irfanview process

Imposter Posterized Level 3

Imposter Posterized Level 2

Authentic 3D Version

Original Saying Grace - 1954

Posterized - Level 2

Posterized - Level 3

Value Inverted and Posterized