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The 1970's

Frank Siinatra.jpg

Original Portrait of Frank Sinatra - 1973

Frank Siinatra IRFAN.jpg
Frank Siinatra inverted Level 2.jpg

Color Inverted and Posterized - Level 3

Frank Siinatra inverted initials circled

With initials highlighted and circled

After Irfanview processing

cafrefree 2.jpg

Carefree Days Ahead - original

cafrefree adobe 2.jpg

After Adobe processing

cafrefree irfan 2.jpg

After Irfanview processing

cafrefree Level 3 2.jpg

Posterized - Level 3

cafrefree circled Level 3 2.jpg

Initials NPR circled 

cafrefree color initialedinvertedcircled

Value Inverted and Posterized - Level 2



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